Yusuf Rahametwau adalah seorang remaja yang hidup di sebuah desa kecil di Pulau Kei Besar, Maluku Tenggara. Di tengah keterbatasan dan tantangan yang ada, Yusuf masih bisa menemukan hal-hal yang patut ia syukuri dalam hidupnya. Mengapa kita harus bersyukur? Apa manfaat dari anak yang suka mengucap syukur? Yuk kita ikuti kisah nyata Yusuf dan Hati Mengucap Syukur!

Yusuf Rahametwau is a teenager who lives in a small village on the island of Kei Besar, Southeast Maluku, Indonesia. Amid the challenges & limitations that he has, Yusuf could still find things that he should be grateful for in his life. Why should we be grateful? What is the benefit of children who practice being grateful?
Let’s find out his life story in Yusuf and A Grateful Heart!


Yusuf Rahametwau comes from Ohoinangan village, Kei Besar, Southeast Maluku. He lives with his parents, brothers and sisters. As the fourth of eight children, he faced many obstacles to finish his school. Yusuf has had to work since childhood. Yusuf received a scholarship for organic farming training from a residential organic farm for vulnerable youth and empowerment from Cerita Anak Pulau. He represents his village to become a trainer for the youth in his village. Yusuf loves to write and draw. His friends often asked for help when they had drawing assignment from school. Yusuf’s dream is to become a teacher who can teach children about pursuing a meaningful life.