Hello… My Name is Yusuf

My name is Yusuf Nehemia Rahametwau. Last month, I was just finished my highschool by the grace of God. Really, by the grace of God, because there’s no way I could finish it without His help.

My parents are humble farmers living in a small village of Ohoinangan in Kei Besar. I have seven brothers and sisters, and I am the fourth. My younger sisters quit schools because my parents have no more money to continue their education. Since junior high school I worked hard everywhere because I have committed myself to finish high school no matter what. I worked in construction sites carrying stones, cutting wood, and cleaning people’s house and garden.

With four small children I have to take care of, sometimes I felt so sad when my parents were gone. They went to big cities for months to work and we have no communication tools. I often feel frustrated when we don’t have school stuff that we need, when my brothers or sisters get sick, or when we were alone on Christmas day.

But I have always put my hopes and fears in God. I realize that I have never seen God, but on the Bible it is said that human were created in His image. So I believe that Jesus actually can be seen in human form. For example, when I prayed that, “Lord, I am hungry” most likely the food won’t come down from heaven, but God can give it to us through people around us. Also He blesses us as we work hard to make ends meet and pursuing our dreams. On my hardest days, by praying and working hard, the Lord escapes me from my lowest-difficult moments. That’s how I know my God, Jesus. He is an extraordinary amazing God.

As I realize how God has personally served and saved me, even saved the world, as my devotion and thanksgiving to Him, I want to serve Him. It’s not because of the blessings I want to serve but by serving I am blessed. And from millions of people in the world, He gave me chances to serve Him despite of my weaknesses and limitations. It has been proven that He is faithful and never looked down on my efforts, but He always give more than I ever expected.

Everyday I pray that someday I will become a missionary teacher. I feel that by becoming teacher I can serve God and human. I love teaching children. I want to learn more about children and I want to make people know more about God through children.

I really thank God that I meet Kakak Eric & Kakak Lisa, and will have opportunities to learn many things. After few months living with them I hope I can model their characters so through everything they teach I can become independent and genuine person, even can share my life with others just like them.

(Yusuf is also the writer and the illustrator for the first Cerita Anak Pulau story book, and one of the scholar for Organic Farming Scholarship at The Learning Farm, Cianjur)