Meet Denti, Swimmer of the Island

Meet Denti… a humble girl from Ohoinangan village. Just turning 20, Denti has a high hope to contribute herself to the welfare of her family.

Denti is one of the scholar of organic farming scholarship by The Learning Farm. She will spend 100 days in house training in Java to learn not only organic farming but also ways to make farming as a success business.

“In Ohoinangan, we are blessed by a fertile land. All that we planted could grow well and good. But the people in our village don’t have enough ability to cultivate their land and convert it to help our economy. I want to learn hard to know more about farming so I can share what I have learnt to the people. I want to make my own business, I want to cultivate the land and plant more vegetable so I can sell the vegetables to the people here,” she said.

With strong willpower, we put our faith in her and we empower her to become what best she can be. Denti posses a good skill in sport. She actually champion a swimming contest, and won the first place for the whole Kei Besar island. A unique skill knowing that her village is actually lies on a valley and don’t have access to the sea. She learned swimming on a river that run through her village.

Way to go Denti… Cerita Anak Pulau support you fully and we hope the best for your future!