UNLEASHED – Kei Youth Leadership Induction Camp

UNLEASHED-Kei Youth Leadership Induction Camp was successfully held for 45 teenagers and 21 adult from three communities in Kei Islands on November 10-12, 2017.

Since March 2017, we have been actively involved in designing youth program with Leadership As Discipleship (LAD), founded by Bambang Budijanto,Phd. The program provides tools for teenagers to find their
God-given potential and growth as leaders who are equipped with characters, competencies and caring. Previously, Budijanto served as Vice President of Compassion International Asia Region.

One of LAD’s program is UNLEASHED. A personalized designed training program for teenagers with several stratums of tasks and challenges which they need to complete. Each stratum will allow them to experience a teamwork of 5-7 teenagers (called Squad), discipleship, problem solving activities, leadership training and character building. It is our hope that the team will develop maturity by helping others to grow.

UNLEASHED pilot program started on September 2017 with three focused communities: church, school, and general comunities. Five zones (Semarang, Salatiga, Jakarta, Bali, Kei) were chosen on the first six month to run the program which will end by the end of May 2018.

For Kei Islands zones, we prepared six mentors (Squad Advisors) and 15 parents who will guide three communities. They are GBI Rock Tual, Ad Village Junior High School and Nabaheng Village who represent a church, a school and a village society.

During the Induction Camp, the teens were guided to search inside for their potential and resources which they can utilize to become leaders who helps and serves others.

Through games, team work, motivation, and lessons they also practiced identifying problems existed on their surroundings and proposed ideas to solve them.

On the last day they were inaugurated as members of Unleashed community who promise to grow by helping others to grow. They will do the tasks and competencies with guidance from their Squad Advisors who were previously trained.

Please pray for each one of their hearts to be on fire, of their eyes to seek others and help them, and for their mind to focus in serving communities and solve their problems.