Behind the Scene of Cerita Anak Pulau Story Books

adThe idea of making children storybooks came as we see so many beautiful things happen in lives of Kei island’s children. We believe that by children in Kei Besar are able to create good quality story books with purposes to:

1. Encourage them to learn to be a pioneer by believing that there are actually many things in their lives that are worth to be thankful for -although they life in many limitations- and shared to.

2. Empower them to write and draw (some of them are very talented), producing something from talents that God has given to them.

3. Build their confidence, as most of them are very timid and shy and loose confidence of themselves or their remote islands.

4. Encourage children who lives on Kei or remote islands with same challenges, that actually there are stories, real stories from their own island, so they can relate to it and believe if something good happen to these children, then good things and hope can come to them too.

5. Encourage children in the world to have hopes and learn from challenges faced by these children and lift their spirits.

The books will be bilingual (Indonesian and English) and also we are dreaming that there will be printed and e-books format so they can be shared to the world.

After children read the stories, there will be discussion & activities pages, where children and parents/teachers can discuss and do fun activities related to the values highlighted on the stories.

In 2016 we are planning to produce five storybooks, written and drawn from real life experiences of Yusuf, Jenette, Dani-Jek-Felix, Feronika, and Jems.