Small Library Started Its Way…

Do you believe that books are windows to the world? We do. And the kids at Kei Besar do too! There was so many excitement when they knew books started to fill our new self-made shelf. Not that many, but it’s enough to caught their attention to learn and absorb many new information on its pages.

Books are scarce in Kei Besar. There is no single dedicated book store on Tual (South East Moluccas’ capital), so do not expect that we will have books in Elat city, an hour and a half hours away by boat from Tual. Children here only have access to books through school library or relatives from outside the island. And of course it’s limited.

We believe that by reading children will improve many things. Its enhance their concentration and discipline, help them with their speech skill, improve their logic thinking, make them better in communication, and also improve their mastery of language. In Kei Besar, particularly, a fun library fills up with books and games give them more options of educative activities and positive models.