A Story from Ad Village

How long can you walk in each day? For children around Ad village, four – five hours a day, just to go to school. There is only one junior high school on the north western part of Kei Besar island. This school is dedicated to all eight villages around Ad village. The main problem is, they don’t have roads yet, and the only way to reach school is by walking, as you have to spend Rp. 25.000,- (around 2 US dollars) for one boat trip.

Feronika, Nelci, Yuli, Vita and Mio took us to the path they walked everyday. It was no easy path at all. They had to walk through rocky beach and jungle, under the scorching sun or raging seas.

Their journey will be written and drawn in the fourth book of Cerita Anak Pulau storybook, and you can enjoy the summary on above rolling picture of Feronika.