Maya and a Spirit to Share

Maya once said a prayer, “Dear God, please make me fail. I don’t want to graduate…” If we think this kind of prayer is odd, wait until you are in her shoes.

Maya is a smart and active girl. She always get good marks and she eager to learn. But the fact that she won’t be able to become what she is dreaming of to continue further education made her felt hopeless. “There’s no use if I graduated. My graduation certificate will be just a decoration on a wall. A token of remembrance that I was once exist in school, but it has no use at all… I will just be at home, and not going anywhere…”

Yet, she passed her high school well.

When she was offered the opportunity to take the test for organic farming scholarship, Maya flourished. We can see her spirit was waken up and she did all what she could to complete all requirement in one day. Practicing to pour out her motivation of why she would enroll in proper line, training herself to speak clearly and full of control.

Maya had practicing planting vegetable at the back of her backyard and she love writing and dancing. Now, she’s hopeful to pass the test so she can share other people in her village what she will learn in the training.