Sharing with Jems, a Champion of Life

“Failure is a process. Do not be afraid to fail. Think about the process. Failure is a process to success.” Jems Belseran said the word deeply as he looked at that four eyes stared at him unblinking.

It’s not without no reason he said that confidently. Jems had gone through a lot of things. Eventhough he is young, his life experiences has grown him mature in character and values. He used to work in chocolate field since the age of ten, and after that he tried everything to become dependent while keep schooling.

Once he worked as labour, once he worked as stone digger in construction sites. And one day, he cultivated a piece of land to pay for his tuition. And he did it! He successfully nominated as Entrepreneur Student and won the award.

But he had to pay for the high prices. He had to pass shame feeling, sacrifice his leisure time, and enjoy the pain of failures. Looking back, he understand that all factors that God had put in his life contributed to what he is now today.

Jems’ story ignite the spirits of four young organic farming scholars from Kei Besar. Yusuf, Denti, Maya and Jefri will be in Java soon to be fully trained for a hundred days. A story of successful young farmer who are also from Kei island relate to their life story.

Not only them, Cerita Anak Pulau also believe that Jems story will motivate many children. So we decided to put his story on our fifth book to be red by more children in Indonesia.