Volunteering in Kei Island

“I consider myself a city girl, based on the fact that I have lived only in large metropolitans all my life. I didn’t know what small villages were like, and even less so Indonesian small villages. But I am super thankful that Ci Lisa and Ko Eric has paved the way for me, and that I can comfortably live in their house that has a porcelain potty and bed. Phone reception has also been newly installed since the beginning of the year in their area, so I was able to access the internet and contact my family without problems. Truly, God is good. Being in a small village means there is nature all around. Let me tell you, Kei is beautiful. There are forests and oceans side to side, with mountains and beaches decorating the islands. Not one plant or animal is out of place, everything was created and gently placed with purpose. They might not have the variety of fruits and vegetables that Java has, but of those that they do have access to, the nutrients still suffice.

Through this experience I had no other choice but to trust in God completely (which is something that I should be doing on a regular basis, but my lack of faith often gets in the way). I am reminded that God calls on those who are willing, and even if they were not ready to begin with, He will prepare them because He is quite meticulous with the work that we do in His field. If it is God’s vision, He will carry it through to the end for sure. In the same sense, I am thankful and honoured to have been part of God’s arms in reaching people that are in remote areas because He could have done it without me. It is amazing to see that God doesn’t forget anybody or leave anyone behind. He cares for all his children because every single one of them are precious in His eyes. I think being able to have time slow down enough for me to reflect on these simple knowledges have been important to me at this time in my season, where I might be confused and lost. All in all, really, God is good.”

These words were taken from an article written by Felicia Purnama. She spent two weeks in Kei Besar helping kids learning English songs, assisting in nutritious menu cooking demo, share her life and watch children learned to write their life stories, and most of all, shared and experience life in a way she never felt before. She also brought books and games for the children.

Adelle Sirait and AM Liberta came last June and brought some books for the library.

“I had the opportunity to travel to Kei island last June and it was amazing! Since only a few tourists around, you have the beach, the cave and the waterfalls all to yourslef. Everything is natural and pristine. Never seen corals with such great visibility and diversity. Even the foods are delicious, and the people are friendly too.

Like a saying goes ‘once you learn to read, you will forever be free’ and ‘the more you learn, the more places you’ll go’, these are my hopes for the children in Kei island. I hope they love the books and be inspired by them!”

We were honoured to have her with us, and surely we and the kids will welcome them again in the future!