Kindness that Will Last Forever

Do you believe that God blesses us through people? We do and we’ve proven that. The whole two weeks that was spent in Jakarta and Bandung had proven that there are so many people with kind and genuine hearts had helped four Kei teenagers to motivate their spirits, shape their value, and change their perspective.

First, Mrs. Adelle Sirait had generously lend her apartment and car to mobilize us around easily.

Then Mrs. Navitri Putri Guillaume, arranged us to meet Mrs Ramalis Sobandi, the founder of Yayasan Kebon Belajar in Bandung. We went to Bandung, West Java and stayed at Mrs. Ramalis house. Then we were invited to attend Pesta Sains 2016 with theme Makanan & Kita. Here, our young scholars saw some creative food processed from root staples that grow in their homeland, and interviewed some students who study food and farming technology.

The next day, we volunteered with Kebon Belajar Community to plant and harvest some vegetables in Teras Cikapundung, an area aside from Cikapundur river that once was disorganized and full of garbage. Our teens was again so surprised to see brown color river in Java that is dirty and smelly. Denti, one of our teen got the opportunity to be interviewed and aired on TV.

Then Mr. Ali Abdullah from 1000 Kebun Community took us to meet kakak Galih Raditya, who actively nurturing urban and organic farming in Bandung, and also create job opportunity from organic farming. We learned about coco pit and worm manure that is so potential in creating organic fertilizer.

We also meet Mrs. Sri Putri the founder of Green Citarum Foundation who showed us their beautiful creations from recycle waste and motivate us about life full of spirit.

A short visit to Eco Learning Camp had certainly changed the way we see food in our plate. We met Mrs. Sherly Megawati Purnomo and Pastor Ferry Sutrisna Widjaja Pr, who taught us about re-connecting ourselves to the nature. We also enjoyed the creative food, scenery and presentation shown by kakak Yuda Gilang Pratama.

Mr. Ali Abdullah also treated us with healthy and fresh food from Warung Langit. While enjoying breathtaking scenery from the top of Bandung mountain, the owner of the restaurant, Kang Asep herbcik motivated our teens on how he managed to grow from a humble farmer to farmer with values that motivate young farmers to work their land and not be ashamed as farmers.

The next day, Mr. Ali Abdullah who is also the CEO of PT. Mizan Grafika Sarana, the third largest printing and publishing company in Indonesia, took us to an eye-opening tour to his printing company. We learned so many things about book publishing, printing machines, and got a great opportunity to present the idea of Cerita Anak Pulau. Editor of Child and Teenager Department from Mizan publishing responded positively about the idea of children in Kei Besar learn and publish their stories and artworks.

So many people had worked together in believing the same thing we believe: that conserving and placing right relationship with our environment is in the heart of human sustainability. And we believe that God had sent us those people to reveal the insights. And their kindness, will be forever be remembered.