Write, and Leave a Legacy

The Ministry Of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with Mizan Publishing held an event of Indonesia Young Writers Conference 2016 with theme “With Creativity, Create a Peaceful Indonesia”

Cerita Anak Pulau and our four teens from Kei Besar was privileged enough to attend the event and met young writers with incredible talents. There were books and comics created by children and teens from islands in Indonesia and they presented their best to be shared with other children.

The editor of Children and Teenager Department form Mizan Publishing was also generous enough to invite us join the group to had a tour to Taman Safari, Bogor. It was actually the first time for our teens to see many animals that was previously only seen in books. They were eager to write the animal’s name and trained themselves to interview people, exercise their confidence in meeting people, and wrote down their experiences.

Cerita Anak Pulau believes that by writing we can leave an eternal legacy to younger generation. Especially for children living on remote island in Indonesia, learning to write down their stories and life experiences will build up their ability to elaborate and identify their problem as part of finding solution. It will also empower them to be confidence and grateful while also a media to learn how to share and be blessings for other children.

To attend the conference and meet people from Mizan publishing was indeed an extraordinary experience and opportunity for us to see the behind the scene process of book publishing. I was also motivate our Kei Besar teens to practice more their writing ability.